Teach at Yust


Teaching opportunities during the summer semester (late June – early August) are available. Teach one of the many summer programs at YUST or a short professional seminar. For more information, email us a admin@naeproject.org.


All long-term teaching applicants are expected to serve at least one calendar year, or the equivalent three academic terms. If interested in a longer term, select applicants will be further evaluated during their first year through classroom observations and protocols established by their department. All faculty applicants are required to raise their own financial support.

The English Conversation Department recruits native or near-native English speakers with a bachelor’s degree in any field. The English Conversation curriculum, a minimum coursework of three academic years, is required for all students and an integral part of YUST.

The College English and English Departments recruit those with a master’s degree in English or a related field who are ideally able to teach in Chinese or Korean. Instructors teach College English to all non-English majors at YUST.

The complete list of YUST’s eight academic departments is as follows (require applicants with a MS or PhD):

Biological and Chemical Engineering

Materials, Mechanical, and Automation Engineering

Computer, Electronics, and Telecommunications Engineering

Architecture and Art


Eastern Languages


Western Languages




To apply from North America, send your resume and notice of interest to admin@naeproject.org.